1).. Here you can see a map of the African region.

2).. Nubian hieroglyphics as ancestor to Western alphabet?: Enter.

2).. Obama and the big ears of the gods and pharoahs: Enter.

3).. Was it the African (by morphology) woman who invented the tradition of cloth-making, sewing, and the wearing of clothes changing a 7 million year-old habit where human skin was the only clothes? click.

3b).. Was there a North African and Egyptian presence in the prehistoric Ural Altaic region of Russia?

4).. The birth of language(s) 2.5 million years ago in East Africa. The birth of the Click Language of the Bushman.

5).. Do you know the founding fathers of modern civilization?

6).. Were the Phoenicians and Canaanites the ancestors of the Moors and yet Capsa and African as well? And, were the ships of the Spanish Armada of Moorish origin? Click and see.

7).. NEWLY ADDED MARCH 2, 2008: On the web page below are found Eurasian people of African phenotype from prehistoric to modern times. Few know that Africans, as shown, are Europe's forgotten earliest occupants. Africans lived throughout Europe until the Germanic Migration Period. The Germanic Migration Period was from 500 AD to 1500 AD: click.

8).. Does the 3500 BC myth of Djehuti or Thoth from predynastic times in Egypt give evidence that board games and chess had ancient roots in Africa? Investigate the roots of chess and come to your own conclusions.

6).. From Paleolithic times, this is a question about the rise of shamanism Africa, Eurasia, & the Pacific.

7).. South African Ndebele in India and Southeast Asia? Prehistoric gold and bronze jewelry bands in Africa and Eurasia?

8).. With gold used by people of African phenotype around much of the world before the birth of Christ, as seen in coinage and statuettes, that time was arguably The golden Age of the African - Part 1.

9).. Does the archeological record show us the step-by-step process by which early man in Africa nearly 2 million years ago began the process which lead to the world we live in today? A world with daily essentials such as the use of fire, settled communities and use of farm animals with such bovids as the cow? And can we trace the evolution of a world with amenities such as tamed animals serving as a modes of transportation, such as the horse, and means of entertainment that even the giraffe, elephant, and wild feline provide? Ladies and Gentlemen, step right up for The Greatest Show on Earth!

10).. Here are images of what could be called the Golden Age of African peoples in Central or Eastern Europe - Part One. These images are from the days of the Roman Empire

11).. See the African starlore of the San and Khoi Khoi of South Africa who once filled Egypt and North Africa.

12).. Was Hannibal African and was the Phoenician population of Carthage and Etrusca originally African? You decide.

13).. VIKINGS 1: In Saharan rock art is a boat etchings 9,000 years old. From Nubian-Egypt is a two-strand beaded head-band with innumerable perpendicular beaded strands between them. Both of these items are found in identical form in Scandinavia (and Northern Europe). Part 1 of this series, thus, looks at a prehistoric North-African-Egyptian people as the prehistoric Viking / Nordic / Scandinavian / Northern European populations until (primarily) the European Dark and Medieval Ages. In keeping with this conclusion, Mark Stoneking -- director of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Germany -- states that the result of his institute's studies of skin pigmentation "probably suggest that early Eurasians were dark and evolved their light skin pigmentation separately with different genes contributing to the depigmentation of Caucasoids and Mongoloids." SEE: Mark Stoneking and co-authors, Human pigmentation genes in Africans, Europeans, and Chinese, September 21, 2006.

14).. VIKINGS 2: Used by African populations in the Mediterranean, and predating the influx of people from the Steppes making today's Nordic / Scandinavian population, is the so-called Viking bull-horn helmet or crown (4, 5) and the four-axel chariot (pics. 9, 10). Made by prehistoric populations in Africa are charcoal rim-burned red-and-black ware (pics. 22, 23); an African Viking Thor (the earliest Thor) in Scandinavia with balls of wooly hair had prototypes found in predynastic Egypt (pics. 6, 7). Part II of this series continues its looks at prehistoric Viking / Nordic / Scandinavian / Northern European populations as once wholly African. Africans formed the population of Scandinavia and the Vikings before European involvement.

15).. The Jomon and Ainu are Japan's most ancient people. Their lineage goes back over 15,000 years. Do their teeth reveal anything about their ethnicity?

16).. DID PREHISTORIC AFRICANS POPULATE GREECE? PART 1 - MINOANS OF CRETE: The ancient Grecian mainland and islands, for all practical purposes, bordered Africa. Was, in this instance, Crete also settled by Africans? Is There a Prehistoric Cretan-African Link?

17).. There appears to have been an African/Egyptian influence in Mesoamerica as shown in the paleo-jewelry (meaning ancient jewelry) of Africa/Egypt but common in Mesoamerica.

18).. Anthropologists express agnosticism as to the original population of Etrusca in Italy always saying its origins is a mystery. Yet, the coinage shows they were African. There is no mystery.

19).. Expressions of Anu in the prehistoric world?

20).. Prehistoric Afro-Eurasian diamond-incised abdominal tribal markings.

21).. From 4500 BC, the Solar Hieroglyph Painted on Face & Body.

22).. Head Elongation Worldwide. From Paleolithic?: click. (from Dec. 26, 2006)

23).. Scientists say that based on the skulls found, predynastic Egypt was formed by round-headed Westerners as opposed to long-headed Africans. Is this accurate? Are there no round-headed Africans?

24).. African equestrianism the roots to such Western gentry sports? Consider the following history.

25).. Africans and their Camels, Part One: in Ancient Days ... Did Africans domesticate the camel? Part Two, 4000 years of history.

26).. Musical instruments, the god Bes, and mummies: Was there a North African and Egyptian presence in the prehistoric Ural Altaic region of Russia?

27).. Who is African and why?: Enter.


28).. The African Starlore of the San and Khoi Khoi of South Africa.

29).. 3000 year-old Saharan Salt Caravan: Click.

30).. Shimoni caves stark reminder of trade in humans at the Coast: Click.

31).. New York Times reports African Click Language existing for 100,000 years: enter.

32).. San Worldwide Radiation: Enter.

33) Ample evidence that Africans long predated Columbus to the Americas. While the article credits Arab and Islamic exploits to the new world and the naming of countless cities, etc. there is a more salient dimension. That is that those Arabs were African. Being African takes precedence over them being Arabic as they were African and had been travelling transatlantically long before Africans became Arabic. Now, in the title, Ummayyed Caliph Abdul-Rahman III, we find, Caliph which largely transliterates to Califia. As Africans long frequented the Americas (i.e. check red and black cave art figures above), Califia may have been an African designation in use in the Americas centuries or millenniums before Africans became Arab. You heard it first here.

34).. Clyde Winters: Are Dravidians of African Origin? click.

35).. At this link is a most excellent audio-visual documentary on the evolution of the human being by the scientist who discovered remains in Ethiopia dubbed Lucy. The internet doesn't get any better than this.

36).. From the Rastafari archives: Egyptian ancestors - Anu migration from Mts of Moon to KMT. Anu, Egyptian ancestors backup. Thanks to Asar Imhotep for this article.

37)..Ocean Currents of the World: Enter.