Being 9000 years old, the petrograph (i.e. rock) etching of a high-prowed desert boat in North Africa [1] is 5000
years older than the same type of petrographic Viking boat from Denmark in Scandinavia [3]. In addition, the 
beaded necklace and headdress found in Ethiopia [2] and Egypt [4] with the vertical rows of head-beads is identical to
the vertical rows of head beads and bands found in an African woman in Greenland [6]. We are looking at an 
prehistoric demic movement by sea of people from Africa to Scandinavia. By saying African I mean, in addition 
to negritoes and steatophygous females and those Africans with straight hair [2], individuals with SOME 
COMBINATION of a round nose and mouth fuller than and hair woolier than 98% of whites and Asians. However, the 
naked African woman in picture [9] leaves room to realize that those with some African features and straighter hair 
arose from miscegenation. The map shows that Greenland can only be accessed by boat meaning the population 
to which [6] belonged could only have reached there by boat where the ancestors of [3 & 9] would be Vikings.

Both Greenland and Canada are considered by archeologists to belong to a single prehistoric, Arctic 
Circle civilization sharing, among other things, the prowed boat or Canoe. The African in [5] belongs 
to the non-Mongoloid Dogrito Indian tribe in the Northwestern Territories of Canada. Riding a canoe, 
we know his people were seafarers. What about the entry of whites into Scandinavian countries 
and the Arctic circle. When did this happen and how? Mostly after the 5th century AD. The text of 
picture [9] is told by a white scientist that whites did not enter Greenland until the early 19th century 
and used the services of even indigenous African women (by above definition) to ferry them around 
and teach them about the region much as was done in [8]. In [8] the whites are new-comers and 
came to a Spain well-known for thousands of years by Moors. [7] is filed teeth from a Viking grave in 
Kopparavik in Sweden between 600 AD and 1000 AD. Filed teeth are an African practice. The teeth 
belonged to a Viking - but African. Africans predated Germanic people in Scandinavie by millenniums 
and taught them ship-building and sea-faring skills not found in the Russian Steppes from whence they
came. Here, we have seen an African maritime presence in Scandinavia through the Arctic Circle and 
to Canada [5].  The next subject will be the North and South American Indian. The story is full of surprises. Paul Marc Washington
R0a DNA evidence shows indigenous African population replaced only centuries ago by modern Danes: click.

Vikings Part II.