LEGEND: In the pictures of Amenemhat [1]  
of Egypt’s 12th dynasty(1875 - 1842 BC); to the frescoes [2, 3] painted during
the reign of Thutmosis in 
dynasty 18 (1400 - 1390 BC);
and on to the time of
Rameses III [4] during the 20th
dynasty, we see Africans in 
this case with black painted
skin [1, 2, 4] and brown [3]
all wearing the large loop
ear-ring. As seen in Nubian 
wrestler above, the loop ear-
ring is stil worn in Africa.

This same type of earring
is worn in eleven instances here
by very handsome-faced 
individuals with African features 
on the North American continent
most prominently in 5),  the
American state of 
Mississippi [9] but also of
6) the Olmec goddess [6] 
(1200 BC - 900 BC); 7) worn
by a figure during 
the Late Olmec period [8] (300
BC - 300 AD); 8) such loop
earrings on a Monte Alban
relief from Danzantes [14];
9) worn at Vera Cruz [15] (900 
BC - 300 BC); 10) worn at
Tajin [16] (700 AD - 1300 AD);
and 11) La Venta [21] (300 BC - 
300 AD).


The above map shows the
Transatlantic currents that the
Spanish learned of from African
sailors and these were the ones 
that brought North African / 
Egyptian prehistoric people, 
jewelry and influence to