Charlemagne (742 –  814 AD) was the first Holy 
Roman Emperor and at a time when Europe was 
primarily African (Capsammochal peoples). This is 
the famous sculpture of Charlemagne in Aachen 
Chapel in Germany. His actual cranium and mum-
mified head is contained inside the sculptured head 
which was used as a model for the sculpture. Char-
lemagne rather has the chisled look of the Afro-Am-
erican jazz trumpetist, Miles Davis; or, Afro-Ameri-
can movie star Denzel Washington. His full lower lip 
betrays his African roots. The above frame of four 
portrayals of Charlemagne are later fantasy versions
based on imagination alone - not factual material.

By using the term “African” we mean those given to wooly hair (see Saint Paul and Andrew above) and a full nose and mouth. The 
                      shape of the African  cranium is longer than it is wide, i.e. is doliocephalic. Attested to by the earliest cranium found in European
                    bogs, and here from Koelbjerg in Funen (Fly) in Denmark is Koelbjerg Woman from 8000 BC. Africans have long been in Europe 
                   and were, in fact, its first population. In the king’s crown were religious figures portrayed as African. These include Jesus Christ 
                 himself as well as Saint Paul, Saint Andrew, the Angel - the one here is either Gabriel or Michael. They were shown as African 
          before much of Europe was Christianized.The crown may have belonged to King Laszlo seen above. 

Today, while great efforts are being made to unite Europe, before the European Middle Ages, African royalty in Europe were enjoying a
level of affluence and religious sophistication that are as high as any we see today. In fact, the crown of gold (above) and the adornment of 
royal clothes in pearls and stones of precious value may have first been used in African populations. The Croatian kings above left and 
right are dressed in splendor. The African King Laszlo from 1200 AD is honored still in Hungary. Though probably not recognized as, art history, Paul Marc Washington,

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