Africans are those with 
some combination of full 
noses and lips with wooly to 
wiry hair. With hair like 
lamb’s wool (Daniel 7:9), 
Jesus was African, black. 
The early whites (i.e. 2nd 
phase Romans. Africans were
Rome’s first population: see
pictures here) were hostile 
to Judeo-Christianity as 
witnessed by Jesus being 
harrassed & finally crucified 
and the Christians being fed 
to lions in the Colisseum 
built by 10,000 black African 
Hebrews, slaves. Did you
know that the first Christ,
Christians and disciples are 
portrayed as African in 
the Early Medieval period. 
So is the founder of the 
Western Christian Kingdom,
Charlemagne. In two images,
the first has a wide, pug 
nose. As the Germanic tribes 
entered Europe during the
Migration Period (after 500 
AD), they adopted 
Christianity and evidently
ousted African leadership of
Christendom; but it was 
initially foreign to and 
completely new to them.

AFRICANS AND  WRITING: Nothing need be said more here about the origination of writing other than that it began with 
the Phoenicians and the above shows that they were African. Writing is Africa’s gift to you and the world. Scholars know this.

AFRICANS AND THE CREATION OF EUROPE. THE CAPSAMMOCHAL PEOPLE: Considering periods prior to interaction with 
incoming whites of various tribes were African peoples who can be unified under a single acronym: [1] Canaanites (pics. 1 - 10), 
Africans, Phoenicians, SEmites, and Mesopotamians (Ham’s children in Genesis 10 establish Mesopotamia) are one-in-the-same
and in the prehistoric phase form the acronym CAPSEM as the Capsem peoples. [2] With Phoenicians establishing Carthage and
North Africa, they were to be known as the MOors, and in the European phase as the Celts; forming, in the Bronze Age the 
cumulative acronym CAPSEMMOC as the Capsemmoc peoples.  [3] During the Iron Age, and before interacting with incoming 
Indo-European tribes who were moving into African homelands in the Germanic Migration Period (500 AD & after), they formed 
the HAlstaat &  La Tene civilizations in West Europe forming the cumulative acromyn CAPSEMMOCHAL as the Capsemmochal 
peoples. The newcomers usually came as destroyers, not builders. The splendor of Early Europe & Rome was created by Africans.

Africans, Europa, and Europe: The supreme deity of Greek mythology was Zeus (Jupiter). He had various other names such as
Ombrios (rain god), Keraunos (lightning), Pater (father), and Soter (Saviour). In the myths he fell in love with Europa, a 
beautiful daughter of Agenor, king of Phoenicia. Again, Phoenicians were African as the pictures show… Europa was the Great 
Mother Goddess of the entire continent of Europe. Some lands founded by the Phoenicians / Canaanites are all those that the 
Italic and Germanic tribes moved into displacing Africans. They include: LEVANT: Tyre, Sidon, Berytus – Beirut, Byblos, Tripoli,
Arvad, Baalbeck, Acre, Karatepe, Samal, Ugarit, Ashkelon … NORTH AFRICA: Carthage, Gades, Utica, Hadrumetum, Tipasa, 
Siga, Lixus, Mogador … ITALY, EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN: Motya – Sicily, Nora, Sulcis, Tharros, Bithia, Olbia ... SPAIN: 
Cádiz, Almuñécar, Trayamar, Villaricos, Myriandrus, Cartagena … TURKEY: Abdera, Carmo, Malaca, Ibiza, Cilicia, Samal … 
SYRIA: Arados, Ugarit … CYPRUS: Kition, Citium … LIBYA: Leptis, Oia, Sabrata … SWEDEN: Genoa ... FRANCE: Marseille and 
others. African  peoples under the unified acronym of the Capsemmochal people created writing, Western religion, and Europe.
 art, art history, Paul Marc Washington,

The images on the crown of given to 13th century Hungary by the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire display Christ and the saints as Africans. See the splendor.

Africans of Germany from Paleolithic Times to Charlemagne. click.

Here are images of what could be called the Golden Age of African peoples in Central or Eastern Europe - part 2. These images are from the days of the Roman Empire