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Wikipedia with African-featured picture showing Ibn Batuta, scholar and world traveller. The Marco Polo of his time and both black-a-moor and Moslem. Click.

In the above page, we asked, ďAre the ships and sea-faring skills shown by the Spanish initially from African shipbuilders and navigators? That was not rhetorical as historical evidence shows that indeed, African seamen and women acted as guides to whites acquainting them with areas they as newcomers had no knowledge of. Look at the followng site to verify a painting of this where African women (by our definition) acted as guides for a Dutch patron. Was this how the Vikings got started? Click.

The Semites, their origination, and their cuneiform: Were the first Semites and the Semitic language first African? You decide.

Was Spain's population of Basques (one of Europe's oldest indigenous peoples) and Moors African? Yes? No?