it is the European
Arabic person 
associated with
the domestication
and use of the 
camel, the
record leaves
evidence of the
African as being the 
first user [1] and, by 
extension, the 
domesticator of the 
camel; as the bible
notes that the African 
Nimsticator of the 

In picture 2 where
Ashur Baniphal,,
the Assyrian 
emperor, is shown
with the pug nose
and prognacious
jaw, he gives 
evidence of being
African phenotype.
The figure in picture
3 is also. The surprise
in ancient history
could be the African
nature of the Tang
Dynasty (pictures 5 -
10) Picture 4 has
the features of a 
mulatto however that
6 through 10 are
unequivocal Africans with
broad, rounded noses, the
ethnicity of [4] can be seen
in perspective. In picture
[5] the Tang emperor and
his visitor, Zhang Qian, 
are also African phenotype
attesting to the African nature
of the Tang and their camel use...art, art history, Paul Marc Washington, paleoneolithic@yahoo.com

Africans and their camels, Part two.