I.     Shang, 1800 - 800 BC
II.    Shang, 1800 - 800 BC
III.   Zhou, 1000 - 200 BC

        Comment: Before the
        Shang were the Xia 
        (Hsai) also African.

IV.   Rome, 400 BC
V.    Rome, 100 BC
VI.   Naples, 200 AD

      Comment: the African
       Etrurians were Romes
       first inhabitants since
       5000 BC.       

VII. Olmec, 2000 - 600 BC
VIII. Olmec, 2000 - 600 BC
IX.   Olmec, 2000 - 600 BC

       Comment: The May
       2004 issue of National
       Geographic calls the
       Olmec “the mother cul-
       ture of Meso-american
       civilization.” p. 71.
X.    Narmer, 1st, 3100 BC
XI.   Tiye, 1332 - 1323 BC
XII. Taharka, 690 - 664 BC

       Comment: Egypt’s
       African kings were 
       great. Taharka pre-
       vented Sennecherib,
       Assyria from taking 
       Jews as slaves. 
From 12,500 BC in the Ethiopian highlands, agriculture was experimented with in Africa with pastoralism 
near 10,000 BC. From there, Africans travelled to the Near East, Urbaid (to become the origin of Meso- 
potamia), and Turkey, as in Catal Huyuk. In this ‘Metropolitan’ Africa, individuals such as Nimrod, the 
African son of Kush, founded the world’s first permanent farming communities and civilizations., art history, Paul Marc Washington,