The races are distinguished by head shape
with the term used to describe it being
“cephalic” representing “head.” Africans
are considered doliocephalic, or long-
headed and whites bracycephalic,
or round-headed. Historians
frequently refer to the now
disfavored dynastic race 
theory to argue that 
Egyptian culture 
began from outside 
brachycephalic Asian 
peoples - whites. 
However, the prehistoric
record of this
“Semitic” dynastic
race shows they
were African as
[8, 9, and 10] and
it is they who made
incursions into Egypt.
They are all of the 
Ur-Ubaid civilization, a 
predynastic phase near 
3500 BC. They are African 
phenotypes. And the 
founder of NeoBabylonia 
was also brachycephalic 
[11] a negrito, Ur Nammu.  
Predynastic Egyptians included 
brachycephalic types [5] and 
were African with the broad nose and 
woolly hair [5] as was Ptah [6] bracycephalic 
of the New Kingdom. Today’s Khoisan 
women of South Africa are bracycephalic and it 
was their race, those proud Africans, who were
the foundation of Dynastic Egypt. The implications of the fact that Africans are not only doliocephalic but bracycephalic
means that history must be re-written to acknowledge that the bracycelphalic populations beginning civilization in 
Mesopotamia and Egypt were Africans. And they extended even to the South Pacific populations ([7] and Central Picture above). Paul Marc Washington,