LEGEND: Pyramids or their kin, 
pyramidal tumuli (see 11) are found on 
at least four coneinents: the African,
European, Asian, and North American
continents. They are also specifically 
found in India and Southeast Asia but 
are not shown here. Pyramids are found
in cultures with: 1) Neolithic
pottery burials; 2) common rock art
motifs, styles with the same brown,
red, and black stick figure human 
representations; 3) often with the same 
pastoral orientations and art forms (this 
last genre not on every continent), 4) 
rock figurine showing women with 
steatophygous bodies (often called
“exaggerated” as if only imaginary art
forms but this body-type is found in reality
among the Anu, i.e. Pygmy and negrito and
likely represents them ), and 5) religio-
mythology where from a creator god
dwelling within a primeval ocean
gives birth to gods one of whom 
separates the heavens from the earth
and from whose union (heaven and
earth) human beings are born.

These Neolithic cultures share these 
five and other features in common.
Might they be indicative of an Olden
(to distinguish it as earler than and
different from “ancient:) world 
civilization?..art, art history, Paul Marc Washington, paleoneolithic@yahoo.com

Do the analogies in the pages below with their shared cultural toolkit reveal the existence of a single one worldwide culture with a seemingly common point of origin that through the demic movement of a people (like pursed-fingers parting) that became dispersed worldwide?

1) God created the heavens and earth: paleolithic to today: click.
2) Shamanism: paleolithic to today: click.
3) First cloth in world through neolithic spindles, whorls: Click.
4) Diadems as first crowns 25,000 years ago through historic times: click.
5) Rock art 1 - from 25,000 years ago until today: click.
6) Rock art 2 - red and black human figures in Africa and Eurasia: click.
7) Common hair care products – the comb: click.
8) Pyramids: click.
9) Neolithic pottery burials: click.
10) Board games part 1: click.
11) Board games part 2: click.
12) The dug-out canoe: click.
13) The plank boat: click.
14) The Adze: click.
15) 11 points of contact in ancient AfroEurasia: click.