9000 years worldwide, artists portraying African figures
have used the same red ochre and black charcoal crayons,
portrayed figures of the same miniature size, and traversed
two identical phases. The first phase in (blue background) 
showed the body without clothes and featureless face while 
the second phase depicted clothed individuals with facial 
features (yellow background). 

                 These yellow-blue pairs appear in Africa (1, 
                 2), the Ancient Near East (3, 4), the 
                 Americas (5, 6, 7), and Europe (8, 9). Only 
                 in China do we have the red and black figurine
                 in phase one alone and not phase two (at 
                 least not yet revealed). 

                 There are two possibilities regarding the 
                 fact that this artistic pairing spanning
                 nearly a deca-millennium (and perhaps the
                 plethora of figurine art standing for 
                 thousands of years in Egypt’s prehistoric
                 environment before its hieroglyphics strung
                 these lone action figures into strings of 
                 thought, our first sentences).The first is that
                 this is wholly accidental. The second is that
                 these conventions had a point of origination
                 that spread outwards to Egypt (2); Diyala in
                 Mesopotamia (4); Bonampak in Mexico (7); 
                 and Strasbourg in France (9), art history, Paul Marc Washington,

While dug-out canoes were humankind's first ships, the sewed-plank ships began appearing in North Africa and Egypt near 6500 BC and soon became worldwide - likely with African ship-builders and crews in the earliest millennium.

Do the analogies in the pages below with their shared cultural toolkit reveal the existence of a single one worldwide culture with a seemingly common point of origin that through the demic movement of a people (like pursed-fingers parting) that became dispersed worldwide?

1) God created the heavens and earth: paleolithic to today: click.
2) Shamanism: paleolithic to today: click.
3) First cloth in world through neolithic spindles, whorls: Click.
4) Diadems as first crowns 25,000 years ago through historic times: click.
5) Rock art 1 - from 25,000 years ago until today: click.
6) Rock art 2 - red and black human figures in Africa and Eurasia: click.
7) Common hair care products – the comb: click.
8) Pyramids: click.
9) Neolithic pottery burials: click.
10) Board games part 1: click.
11) Board games part 2: click.
12) The dug-out canoe: click.
13) The plank boat: click.
14) The Adze: click.
15) 11 points of contact in ancient AfroEurasia: click.