LEGEND: Can religio-myth-making patterns be 
found in Neolithic rock works? We will consider 
the following example that begins with lithic repre-
sentations of religio-mythology in pictures 1 - 5.
Depending upon whom one puts trust, the biblical 
origination in Genesis of God separating the 
heavens from the earth is borrowed from Egyptian 
mythology where New Kingdom Shu (10) holds the 
heavens upon his shoulders. This being a “short-
hand” for earlier iconography where the god is 
physically shown separating the heavens (Nut) 
from earth (Geb) (11). And this likely descendent 
from Tassili traditions from 6000 BC (10). These 
anthropomorphic representations [including Catal 
Huyuk (3), Persepolis (8), and Susa (9), themselves 
are analogies to similar occurences [Mycenae (7), 
China (5), Eridu (4), Catal huyuk (2)], and found in 
royal iconography worldwide [including Egypt (5, 6).
And the earliest - Armenia, 9000 BC.

However, by historic times, cuneiform tablets spoke of 
cosmogenic events in terms of the separation of 
heaven and earth through the separation of warring 
feline. In this way, we can surmise (hopefully an 
honest deduction) that in using these patterns as a 
telescope backwards in time, one type of lithic proof 
(along with other evidence not introduced on this web
page) can aid in us determining relgio-mythic beliefs 
before they were set to writing. That they were found 
from Egypt (e.g. 5) to China (4). 

I suggest was possible through demic  movements of 
people along the routes that can be intimiated from the 
map below with most special consideration given to the
passage route in the Hindu-Kush mountain range from
 Pakistan to China. There is other patterned archeo-
logical evidence suggesting religio-mythology as in 
certain pottery motifs found in the above regions.
And, it is but a short philosophical and visual step
from an “umoved” creator as Shu (12) and Aristotle’s
Umoved Mover?..art, art history, Paul Marc Washington, paleoneolithic@yahoo.com

Do the analogies in the pages below with their shared cultural toolkit reveal the existence of a single one worldwide culture with a seemingly common point of origin that through the demic movement of a people (like pursed-fingers parting) that became dispersed worldwide?

1) God created the heavens and earth: paleolithic to today: click.
2) Shamanism: paleolithic to today: click.
3) First cloth in world through neolithic spindles, whorls: Click.
4) Diadems as first crowns 25,000 years ago through historic times: click.
5) Rock art 1 - from 25,000 years ago until today: click.
6) Rock art 2 - red and black human figures in Africa and Eurasia: click.
7) Common hair care products – the comb: click.
8) Pyramids: click.
9) Neolithic pottery burials: click.
10) Board games part 1: click.
11) Board games part 2: click.
12) The dug-out canoe: click.
13) The plank boat: click.
14) The Adze: click.
15) 11 points of contact in ancient AfroEurasia: click.