LEGEND: This page concerns
   sewed plank boats. In Egypt,the expedition to Punt crossed
   the desert. These sewn plank boats would be disassembled 	for the desert-crossing. This gives an idea for how portable 
    these boats could be. However, the dug-out canoe     likely preceded the plank 
    boats by tens of thousands of years though     the earliest remains of dug-outs 
    only dates back to near 6000 BC for     dug-outs. There are two interesting things 
    in plank boat history. The  first is that the earliest are found in North Africa
    [1] and the second earliest is the longest of all on this page - it is from Mali of 
    6500 BC. The next surprise is a plank boat in Finland af 4500 BC [3].Plank boats begin to appear everywhere after several thousand years.
They are found in Crete [6], Thera [8, 10], Syria [7], Denmark [9],
Vietname [5] and Japan [11]. What will prove to be interesting is any
possible relationship between the animal-headed Egyptian boat in [2]
and Northern European boats of the late Mesolithic to early Neolithic. These
were animal skin boats with the heads of the animals still attached. There
is no question but that these will be found in later history in Japan, Korea,
and the South Pacific. They are even found among the Celts.
The question is, though, was there any connection between such boat and those of Egypt such as in [2]. For the record, however, note that
on other web pages in this site, it is shown that the African was also found in Northern
Europe (see the EUROPE section). It must remain an open question that North African
ships of the early Neolithic [e.g. 1, 2] found their way to Northern Europe and elsewhere
around the world. ..art, art history, Paul Marc Washington, paleoneolithic@yahoo.com

It would appear Africans first built and propagated the dug-out canoe found the world over. Many canoes from 6000 BC. Many have been excavated. Click here.

Do the analogies in the pages below with their shared cultural toolkit reveal the existence of a single one worldwide culture with a seemingly common point of origin that through the demic movement of a people (like pursed-fingers parting) that became dispersed worldwide?

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