LEGEND: From the Sumerians, whom the literature calls literally the “black heads”, an African 
people [see 11], comes the goddess Ishtar [1, 2]. She was worshipped universally in the 
ancient world through under other names. Britannica writes: “This mother goddess was 
variously known as Ishtar [1, 2], Astarte [4, 5, 6], Ashtoreth, Cybele, Demeter, Ceres, 
Aphrodite, Venus [7, 8, 9] and Freya.” [1] is African from time of Uruk population in # 11.

EVOLUTION OF THE EARLIEST KEY GODDESS: Pictures here show Ishtar [1, 2; 4000 BC 
to 3200 BC] is the 1st goddess in this “cycle.” In the 2nd and still African phase, she 
becomes Asarte [4, 5, 6, 12; c. 2300 BC]. In the 3rd phase she becomes the Roman Venus [7, 
8, 9; from 200 BC] . When whites came from the Steppes to Mesopotamia, they portrayed their 
own people as Sumerian gods and Inanna (who couples with Ishtar) is the example [3].

Concerning Asarte, other reference sources write: “Astarte was the most important goddess 
of the Semites [12]. She was the goddess of love, fertility, and maternity for the Phonicians, 
Canaanites, Aramaeans, South Arabs, and even the Egyptians. Her name was Ishtar in 
Babylonia and Assyria, where she was also the goddess of war. Some Old Testament 
stories call her Ashtoreth, and describe the construction of her altar by King Solomon and 
its destruction by King Josiah. Astarte was identified with the planet Venus. The Greeks 
called her Aphrodite, and the Romans knew her as Venus.

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The Holy Mother and child (Isis and Horus followed by the Virgin Mary and Jesus), Ptah (1B), Enlil (2C), Asarte (D2), Bel (3C), El (3D), Minoan Snake Goddesses (4A), Circe (4B), Zeus (4C, 4D), Mercury (5A), Silenus (5B), Neptune (5C), Jupiter and Juno (5C) - were the first and earliest face of the gods and heros (as Homer's Odysseus, 4B) of the ancient world African? You will form your own conclusion.

African and world Shamanism Paleolithic to today.

The first Buddhas were African? Decide for yourself.

In instances from the Paleolithic era, the gods of Greece, Mesopotamia, Anatolia, Bulgaria, the Russian Steppes and its African people. There are many pictures so the best way to navigate the site is to read the essay as the pictures are integrated within it. click. Blond and red hair is natural among some Africans. Red-haired Islanders give support to Odysseus' red hair as being a sign of his being African (Thanks to Myra Wysinger for this page whose subject-matter is red-haired Africans).

The biblical Hittites were the Hatti people of Anatolia. Were these gods African. Decide for yourself: click.

The original Hittites were an African people and their gods looked the part. Was there a transition in the appearance of Hittite gods?: click.

There are 25,000 years of steatophygous forms in human art and culture. Are they in phenotype / appearance African? You decide.

In the studies done by anthropologists and Egyptologists, the first god represented in human form was the African and Egyptian god Bes as he was earliest known in the Sudan. Unknown to most, his form appeared not only in Egypt but in prehistoric times in Mesopotamia, Susa (Iran), and Syria as well. click.