The above map of the
White Supremecists from
their website,
White Stormfront, states
that whites invaded nor-
thern Europe, southern 
and western Europe in 
addition to Asia, China, and
the Middle East conquering
and/or displacing the 
indigenous peoples found 
there - all this by their 
own admission. They note
they are newcomers and
not original peoples in the
places they are now found.
They have not noted that 
it was Africans (by pheno-
type) that they 
encountered wherever
they went. These often
descendents from Africans
in Paleolithic Europe whose
descendents lived down 
into more modern times; and 
until the time of the above invasions. My research produces evidence thatthe Ainu, prehistoric Indians, and many other
peoples pre-dating whites in areas they are now found were African. So, their claims made on their map of Aryan peoples
is, art history, Paul Marc Washington,