Legend: The purpose of this series of pages is informational - i.e. to present  
Italy during its African phase. By African, we mean those given to woolly hair 
and full facial features. The period spans the Upper Paleolithic (1) through the 
Neolithic (2), Bronze Age (3) - (6), Iron Age (7) - (9), to Roman times (10), and the 
Christian Era (11):

1. Grimaldi Cave near Monaco: skull of prognathous Negro, c. 30,000 - 40,000 BC
2. Italy: Hunters with bows and arrows as found in North and South Africa, c. 4500 BC
3. Sardinia: Nuraghic pyramid with prognathous figure, 2000 BC
4. Etrusca, Bisenzio: Olom Bella Tomb 22 detail of Phoenicians on Bronze urn, 750 BC
5. Rome: Woolly-haired, prognathous woman on sard scarab, 500 BC
6. Etrusca, Tarqunina: From Homerís Iliad, Mural of Battle with Greeks, c. 490 BC
7. Etrusca, Tarquinina: negro and white janiform vase, 500 BC
8. Etrusca: Terracotta relief of Serapis - a syncretic Hellenistic-Egyptian god in Antiquity, c. 300 BC
9. Etrusca: Coin from Hannibalís campaign in Punic Wars, c. 200 BC
10. Rome: Ithyphallic dwarf gladiator, c. 50 BC
11. Verona: Woolly-hair Bishop Zeno, 300 - 371 AD

  Paul Marc Washington, paleoneolithic@yahoo.com