LEGEND: The Boii, who largely
but not wholly, disappeared from
their ancestral lands in the 
latter half of the 15th century
were replaced by incoming 
Germanic peoples.

The Boii were Celts and until
the last two decades, the name
given to their land by Germanic
tribes is what their country was
known as - Bohemia - today’s
Czech Republic. 

Their art portrayed illustrious historical figures, Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and the
disciples ofChrist. Their ranks, betrayed by their full noses & mouths & visibly wiry 
hair, was African. Those shown here are 1. Wenceslas IV,** King of Bohemia, King of 
the Roman people, & the King of the House of Luxembourg; 2. Jan Zizka, Commander 
of the outstanding Hussite army during the Bohemian War (1419 - 1434). It was Zizka 
who has the dubious honor of being the first commander whose soldiers successfully 
use gunpower on the battlefield; 3. Rudolf II, also King of Bohemia as well as Holy 
Roman Emperor. 4. A detail in a rug carpet of Jesus, the Virgin Mary, & the disciples;
5. A Bohemian king plays chess with courtiers in Prague; 6. The Celts were diminuitive
people resembling the San or Khoi Khoi of South Africa with gentle features. In the
silk is a diminuitive David confronting a towering Germanic Goliath. 7. Is the Christ
Child and his Mother, Virgin Mary, as Africans. Germanic peoples would come to rule
the church but when they entered Europe, Christianity was an African religion alone.
The African presence in Bohemia is traced back beyond 35,000 years ago. They dwelled 
there until the end of the 15th or 16th century...art, art history, Paul Marc Washington, paleoneolithic@yahoo.com