Intrigued, Fell came to Harvard in 1964 and spent the next eight years exploring the Widener Library’s unique 
collection of texts on obscure languages and writing systems.  In the course of this effort he acquired a working 
knowledge of several ancient alphabets, including the hieroglyphics of the Egyptians = Punic); the script of the 
Carthaginians and Ogam, an almost forgotten script used by the pre-Christian Norse (often erroneously referred 
to as Celts—See Celts).

Fell finally proved to his satisfaction that the Polynesian inscriptions were written in the native language, Maori.  
But its vocabulary was a mixture of Greek and Egyptian that was once spoken in Libya after Alexander the Great 
conquered Egypt.  The alphabet was derived from Carthage.

 The most remarkable of these Libyan texts was found in a huge cave in New Guinea.  There a navigator named 
Maui left drawings of ancient but sophisticated astronomical and navigational instruments, as well as a depiction of 
a solar eclipse that enabled Fell, with the help of Harvard astronomers, to identify the year 
of the drawings as 232 B.C.
                                  In 1861, Richard Taylor
depicted what he thought
were Egyptian hierogly-
phics. They were recorded
by sailors who were the
subject of the book
Mutiny on the Bounty in
1790 and took residence in 
Pitcairn Island of New 
Zealand with their 
kidnapped wives. They
recorded the hieroglyphics
seen here. In Egyptian
hieroglypics they have the
following meaning: 1. bow;
3. star; 5. moon and three
lines sign of plural; 11. if a 
tail, this could be the ancient
designation of lion king; 9,
10, 12, sun; 14. overseer with
whip. Not Egyptian signs,
7 was speculated to be the
sign of an equator encircled
earth important knowledge
to the sailors from North
Africa who made the voyage;
Barry Fell of Harvard came
   to similar conclusions (see
   below). 15 is an extinct
    bird. That it’s feet are
    backwards is symbolic.
    Massey [2, page 592
    discussion on above
    hieroglyphics in his book]
    writes of the Maori 
    being Egyptian.

Barry Fell of Harvard and his decipherment of (I believe these are African and it's my term) lost African languages of the (my paraphrase) Carthage-British Isles-South American-Polynesian corridor: click. Backup: click. (Thanks to Greg N. for the link).