abylon was a refuge of exceptions
holding so many figures significant
in religious mythology and human

Among the gods were Nergal (3), the
Bull Gods (4) where the chief god, Enki, 
though portrayed with two vases of 
pouring water representing the Tigris and 
Euphrates, none-the-less was called the
Bull of Heaven. Found also in Babylon
was Samas (7) the Babylonian form of
the Sumerian sun god, Utu. They are kept 
company with Asarte (12), and a diety of 
Selucid times who is likely Hermes (18). 
Early though they were, they stood near
the first in line bearing features of gods
found in the world’s modern religions and
also mythologies - among them the 
Greek Venus - a metamorphosized 
Asarte via Inanna. More details on the
pictures are at the page bottom.

Of the kings and historical figures, we find
the Africoid Semite, Hamurrabi (5 and 6), 
Marduk-Nadin-Ahhe (13), Nabu Apal
Iddin I (15),  Aramaiserender (16),
Merodach-bakadan (17), and the heroes:
Jews, Hebrews of Babylonian captivity in
Ninevah (19, 20). This was the population
that created the Babylonian - Creational 
Myths: the Enuma Elish - the source of our
bible and the 3 great modern religions.

No more will anyone or everyone agree
with the next observation than husband
and wife always love and never argue - or
even remain together. Giving credit where 
credit is due, these were indigenous 
peoples with roots in the land going back 
to the early Neolithic and earlier Paleolitihc. 
A look at their mostly pug noses, wooly.
beady, or heavily curled hair and mostly 
thick features tells the looker they harken 
from Africa - an African overflow - the genetic
trail says as much. They too, as all others 
peoples, have given of themselves and 
given richly to the world and its prosperity. 
They. Not stated by anthropology, history, 
religion, or art: but Africans filling the 
Ancient  Near East.

..art, art history, Paul Marc Washington, paleoneolithic@yahoo.com